Attendance Responsibility & Expectation

Lindsay Thurber would like every child to graduate from High School.  We know that attendance is a key factor that contributes to student learning and ultimately graduation.  This year, Lindsay Thurber is introducing an attendance responsibility and expectation policy.  In this policy students are required to maintain a 90% attendance rate to take part in school activities.  Student activities include; the graduation ceremony, field trips, dances, athletics, band and choir concerts and  school celebrations, etc.  We understand that there are often factors that prevent children from attending school so the attendance responsibility and expectation policy is based on unverified absences. If your child is absent from school, a parent must call the attendance line (403-314-2017) or provide a signed note to the office within 7 calendar days of the absence  in order to have the absence verified.  Verified absences will not affect your child's attendance.


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