Cheer DYEversity
Cheer DYEversity
Dyeversity dye toss
Dyeversity dye toss

DYEversity Relay

"Strength in Diversity"


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The fourth annual DYEversity Relay will take place September 12, 2018 at the LTCHS track.

This event was created as a means of celebrating and promoting the diversity of the Lindsay Thurber school community, as well as a way to help even out the playing field for all students in our building.

 This year’s event will give all Thurber students the opportunity to participate with no cost!!

Participants will take turns walking or running around the LT track. These booths will give students the opportunity to learn more about other cultures represented at Lindsay Thurber. The event begins with an opening ceremony at 11:00 am followed by an inspirational speakerWhen a student is not walking the track they will be enjoying the music, activities, food, entertainment that will be organized on their behalf. An addition to this year’s event will be the booths set up around the school grounds that students will visit to gain an understanding of other cultures represented at Thurber.
A highlight of the day will be the dousing of participants in different colored powders at intervals throughout the day - our unique way of recognizing the multicolored fabric of our school. 


With the change of format, we are not charging an entry fee for students, to allow everyone the opportunity to participate.
This means we are 100% relying on the support of our sponsors! Sponsorship is still needed! 

If you would like to help sponsor this event for our students please contact Mrs. Kirsten Dezutter at 403-347-1171 ext.1409 or by email at kirsten.dezutter@rdpsd.ab.ca

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Please feel free to contact any of the committee members listed below.

Mrs. Ronalee Melchert - ronalee.melchert@rdpsd.ab.ca
Mr. RJ Willms - rj.willms@rdpsd.ab.ca
Mrs. Lianna Richmond - lianna.richmond@rdpsd.ab.ca 
Communications & Marketing 
Miss. Amy Johansen - amy.johansen@rdpsd.ab.ca
Food & Beverage
Mrs. Brendalyn Moltzahn - brendalyn.moltzahn@rdpsd.ab.ca
Health & Safety
Mrs. Alyson King - alyson.king@rdpsd.ab.ca
Opening & Closing
Danielle Newton - danielle.newton@rdpsd.ab.ca
Jackie Shukin - jackie.shukin@rdpsd.ab.ca
Site Coordination
Mrs. Gail Johnston - gail.johnston@rdpsd.ab.ca
Mrs. Kirsten DeZutter - kirsten.dezutter@rdpsd.ab.ca
Rachel Jenkins - rachel.jenkins@rdpsd.ab.ca
Amy Johansen - amy.johansen@rdpsd.ab.ca
Mrs. Kathy Lalor - kathy.lalor@rdpsd.ab.ca