DYEversity Relay

"Every Step Unique"


The third annual DYEversity Relay will take place on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 at the LTCHS track from 10:30 am - 3:00 pm. This event was created as a means of celebrating the diversity of students and staff who make up Lindsay Thurber, as well as a way to fundraise to support various groups in our school (breakfast program, hiring of guest speakers or experiences to support various demographics at Thurber, etc.) 

This is a relay style race, and teams can consist of 4-10 people. Each team will need to have at least one team member on the track at all times between 10:30am - 3:00pm the day of the race. There will be food, entertainment, and a lot of fun on race day! In addition to the $20 registration fee per person, each team is encouraged to fundraise as much a possible. For every $20 that is fundraised, students will receive on entry of their name in a draw for prizes like an iPad, bike, and more! Money raised through fundraising must be submitted to the bookstore during Flex during the week of September 19 - 23. The $20 registration fee must be submitted to the bookstore by September 15th. This fee will cover your T-shirt, swag bag some food on race day, as well as general race costs (rental etc). With the overwhelming success we experienced last year, we are anticipating approximately 1000 participants. As a result, late registrations will not be accepted!!


If you would like to help sponsor this event or would like to volunteer, please contact the DYEversity Relay Staff Advisor, Sandre Bevan at 403-347-1171.

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Please feel free to contact any of the committee members listed below.


Mrs. Ronalee Melchert - ronalee.melchert@rdpsd.ab.ca


Mr. RJ Willms - rj.willms@rdpsd.ab.ca


Mrs. Lianna Richmond - lianna.richmond@rdpsd.ab.ca 

Communications & Marketing 

Miss. Amy Johansen - amy.johansen@rdpsd.ab.ca

Food & Beverage

Mrs. Brendalyn Moltzahn - brendalyn.moltzahn@rdpsd.ab.ca

Health & Safety

Mrs. Alyson King - alyson.king@rdpsd.ab.ca

Opening & Closing

Mr. Geoff Parker - geoff.parker@rdpsd.ab.ca

Site Coordination

Mrs. Jeanette Countryman-Smith - jeanette.countryman-smith@rdpsd.ab.ca

Mrs. Gail Johnston - gail.johnston@rdpsd.ab.ca


Mrs. Kirsten DeZutter - kirsten.dezutter@rdpsd.ab.ca


Mrs. Kathy Lalor - kathy.lalor@rdpsd.ab.ca