Get In The Know” is a program that the Career Centre facilitates to assist students to become successful in all of their core subjects.  Former LTCHS graduates and current grade 12 students will be facilitating after school study groups in January and June, where students will have the opportunity to ask specific questions on course material that they are unsure about.  This will aid students who have missed a unit, or need some clarification on facts, formulas, procedures, in all subject areas - - Chemistry 20, 30, Physics 20, 30, Science 9, 10, 20, 30, Biology 20, 30, Math 9, 10C, 20, 30P, Math 31, English reading comprehension, essay writing, and Social Studies components.  All of these subjects will be covered over these two weeks after school from 3:30—5:00 p.m. by highly qualified former and current students.  STUDENTS MUST PRE-REGISTER in the Career Centre in order to be provided with help on these days.  There is no charge for these sessions and we hope that students will take advantage of this free help that will contribute to their success in their final exams.    

You must Pre-Register for these session at the Career Centre, by calling 403-347-1171 or by e-mail at