Mr. Parker's Tips for Students and Parents

Looking to Boost Your English Performance?


  • Read regularly at home, choosing a variety of materials (novels, newspapers, magazines, websites, etc). Read aloud when possible.
  • Read with a purpose. Ask yourself about the author's main idea, purpose, style, etc
  • Have strategies for dealing with challenging words (use an on line dictionary such as , use a traditional dictionary, ask someone, keep a list of challenging words)
  • Focus during in-class lessons that deal with reading strategies and also seek help from your teacher
  • In order to work on multiple choice skills to prepare for course finals, Provinical Achievement Tests or Diploma Exams you can visit Exam Bank ( ) or the Alberta Education website link to Provincial Testing 


  • Write whenever you have the opportunity, at home and at school. Consider journaling, creative writing, etc.
  • When you write, be very sure that you know why you are writing, what your main point is, how much support you need in order to convince your audience and how you can organize your work in the most effective way
  • Learn from other writers. Pay close attention to samples of effective writing and try to adopt those practices
  • Seek regular feedback from teachers, parents, peers and others; this feedback should be specific and helpful


Extra Help Sessions for reading and writing are available upon request by students or parents. Please contact me at 403-347-1171 or by e mail at