QSA Group


Lindsay Thurber has a rich history of diversity as well as a strong tradition of opposing prejudice. Years ago, we has a student group called S.T.O.P. It stood for Students and Teachers Opposing Prejudice. It was a group of positive rebels and social activists that wanted to bring attention to prejudice within Central Alberta. These folks would educate and raise awareness about justice issues, as well as throw rad punk-rock gigs in Red Deer to raise more money for their activism. The group evolved and became the first High School in Alberta to have a GSA (Gay, Straight, Alliance) in the late 90's participating in community events and spreading awareness and kindness. More recently, students decided to change the group name to QSA (Queer Straight Alliance) in an effort to be more welcoming to Trans & Non-binary folx, and reclaim the work Queer. The QSA has hosted guest, participated in community engagement at the City level, and partnered with community LGBTQ+ groups. We have always had queer & straight folx as part of this student group. There are MANY staff members that help supervise the student-led QSA and are "safe contacts" within the school. Thurber's QSA group meets weekly in Mrs. Barker's Art Room 2314. Our motto is "No judgments, a place for all"

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