DYEversity Relay 2018 Sponsorship

This September Lindsay Thurber High School will be hosting the fourth annual DYEversity Relay. The event is a non-profit activity focusing on the celebration of the diverse culture in Lindsay Thurber. Through this event, we aspise to make diversity a core and abiding strenth of outr school and the community at large. The last three years have been a huge success and our vision this year is to make this an inclusive event, where no child pay to participate. We are pursuing comminity sponsorship to accomplish this.

The DYEversity Relay is a non-competitive event that will bring students, staff, parents and the community together to celebrate diversity. At this event approcimately 1700 kids will take turns walking or running around the track at LTCHS. The participants will be physically active for the duration of the event, promoting a culture of active, healthy living with a sense of community support. The primary goal is to bring together kids regardless of their age, demographic, race, or religion to celebrate their diversity and each other. 

The day will be a great celebration for the community of Red Deer. We hope to create a fun and positive day with lots of activities for the kids. While at least one team member is on the track, other team members will be enjoying the music, activities, food and entertainment that will be organized on their behalf.A highlight will be the dousing of the participants in differetn colored powders at intervals throughout the day - our unique way of recongnizing the multicolored fabric of our kids of Red Deer. 

With over 1800 students and staff in our school, the DYEversity Relay will provide excellent exposure for business. Any donation would greatly benefit our initiative and, at the same time, promote a business or product in our school and the community. We would truly appreciate any support. 

As a thank you to our sponsors, we will recognize the contributions to our event throughout the day through social media, website and our DJ. With a minimum donation of $500, a company name or logo will appear on the participant t-shirts as well as event signage. Tax-receipts will be provided for donations in excess of $20. 

We would greatly apprecite an donation, monitary or otherwise, toward food, opporational costs, prizes etc. 

We thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of the following:

Kirsten DeZutter
Sponsorship Committee

Rachel Jenkins
Sponsorship Committee