Volleyball Live Stream

Raiders volleyball is back! 🏐

With the new protocols in place this year, we are unable to fill the gym with fans. We will now be live streaming our home games for everyone to enjoy! Visit: http://bit.ly/ltchs2020 to watch.

Upcoming Schedule of Home Games: 
October 6 - SR Boys vs St. Joes
October 13 - JV Girls vs St. Joes
October 15 - SR Girls vs St. Joes
October 27 - JV Boys vs ND
October 29 - SR Boys vs ND
November 3 - JV Girls vs ND
November 5 - SR Girls vs ND
November 17 - JV Boys vs HH
November 18 - JV Girls vs HH
November 19 - SR Boys vs HH
November 20 - SR Girls vs HH