Christmas Quarantunes

Baby it's Covid Outside... so please help support our fabulously talented Music students by ordering a
Virtual Musical Telegram from November 16 - December 11. 


The purpose is to send a musical video telegram to a recipient of the participants choice. Participants can pay $10 a tune with proceeds going towards the band and choir programs at Lindsay Thurber.

Participants can choose tunes for each type of ensemble Lindsay Thurber has including three concert bands, small instrumental ensembles, two choir classes, the senior jazz band and the Ace Choir. In the order form, you also have the ability to pick a particular student if you want a more personalized tune.

A private YouTube link will be created featuring the video created for the recipient.

Go to the website below.

You can access the store front using your Red Deer Public Parent Powerschool account or anyone can quickly create an account by using a personal email address.

Thank you and stay healthy, safe and warm.