Student Quarantine Support

Dear Parents,

I wanted to send our parent community an update on some additional support we are putting in place starting today for students who are working from home while following AHS isolation requirements. When the year began our staff set up a series of supports to help students be successful in their classes this year. As the year has progressed we have been faced with many new challenges. One that we did not anticipate is both the number of students and the cumulative amount of time that students would be required to work from home due to close contact exposure at school. 

In order to help students and families whose children are required by AHS to work from home we are going to be adding some support starting today. For the next couple of weeks we will have a Learning Assistance Teacher and an Educational Assistant who will be focusing on helping students in quarantine. One of the struggles that we have heard from students is that while their teachers are providing them with learning materials and video lessons, it is difficult for teachers to be teaching students at school and providing them with “real time” support at home. By having two staff members at school focused on helping students in quarantine we hope this will help them with their at home learning while completing their AHS isolation requirements. If students need help from our quarantine support staff during the school day they can get help in two ways:

  1. We will have an online classroom open each day from 8:30-3:15. Students can click on the link to join the online classroom:  Whenever they login in to the classroom they can get access to real time support from school staff.

  2.  Students can also get extra help by sending an email to: Once they send an email our staff at school will contact them in a timely manner to get them help with whatever they need.

In addition to the support listed above we have also decided to change some of our assessment practices for students returning to school. Effective immediately students who miss school due to AHS isolation requirements will not have to spend time writing exams they missed while at home. This is so that when students are at school, the focus will be on catching them up on teaching concepts they may not have fully understood while working from home. When students are in isolation and they have a test, teachers will either excuse them from that exam or have students complete an alternate assignment at home.

We hope that these extra supports and changes will help students who are in isolation continue with their learning this semester. This support will only be available to students who are in isolation due to AHS protocols.

I would like to close by thanking all of our students who continue to show resilience and responsibility in a very challenging year. I am so proud of all of them!


Chris Good