Year-End Band Performances

Please follow the link below to a compilation of year-end performances by the students of the LTCHS Band Program!

This program was put together in just two weeks, after students returned to in-person learning at the end of May.  We still had some students out in isolation during this process, but we used whatever means we could to include every student, whether they were in person or not.

The performances are time-stamped so you can navigate to whichever performances you'd like to view.  See the description for details of performances.  Of interest is a premiere of a piece that was written by Thurber alumnus, Sam Vesely.  It was our first ever attempt at a virtual band performance and I'm pleased with the end result, considering none of the students had any in-person rehearsal time on the piece itself.


Please enjoy and thank you for continuing to support the Thurber Band Program!


Jennifer Mann