Lindsay Thurber student accepted into Schulich School of Music

Recent Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School graduate Malena Lorenson knows all about hard work and dedication to music. Lorenson, a bass trombonist, has been accepted into Montreal’s McGill University in the Schulich School of Music. She has been offered a yearly $6,000 scholarship for her undergraduate music degree and a $4,000 entrance scholarship.

Malena is excited to be studying at McGill. “The school has a great international reputation and I’ll be able to build a lot of connections there,” she said. “The bass trombone teacher there is really great.”

Malena plays the bass trombone which differs from the tenor trombone that comes to mind when thinking about the trombone. “The bass trombone has a lower range and has a warmer, darker tone,” she said.

Malena has been an active participant in Lindsay Thurber’s band program where she participated in every ensemble available. “Malena was a dream band student,” said Jennifer Mann, Band Teacher at Lindsay Thurber. “She is a hard worker, a helper and an inspiration to her classmates and to me.”

However Malena’s love of the instrument began before high school. As a Grade 6 student at Central Middle School she didn’t even know what a trombone was. In Grade 7 she started playing the bass trombone.

“Nobody else plays the bass trombone so I had to become independent,” she said. “And I started taking every opportunity I could.”

Malena credits an event in Calgary called Slide Into Spring put on by the International Trombone Association which inspired more interest in pursuing the bass trombone as a solo instrument.

“I just saw the community of everybody there and everyone was so nice, welcoming and successful,” she said.

Malena started studying privately with Dr. James Bicigo and began entering local festivals where she often would represent them at the provincial level to win provincials.

Malena also has been a long time member of the Red Deer Royals where she enjoyed a leadership role as concertmaster. Being concertmaster means Malena would choose and direct the music.

Malena hopes to pursue graduate studies and eventually have a chair in an orchestra. She’s optimistic about her musical future and wants to keep all musical options, including jazz music open. “I want to keep jazz music in my life,” she said. “Even though I’m not majoring in jazz I just love it so much.”

Malena will move to Montreal this coming summer and begin school in September.