LTCHS Gr. 9 Track & Field Aggregate Winners

Yesterday the grade 9's had a great day out at the Gr. 9 Track & Field meet.  With a  smaller team than  usual, the coaches were very proud of how all of our athletes competed.  The girls won the aggregate (with 208 points) , the boys aggregate (135 points) and the overall aggregate (333 points). 
Riley deWit won the girls aggregate with 40 points, Jamie Lalor was second with 38 points and Dawsin MacDonald tied for 4th with 26 points.  In the boys Tyler Herzberg was 5th with 25 points.
Coaches  Geoff Parker, Christina Georgeson and Kathy Lalor give a special thanks to Terence McMullen who organized and ran the meet, to Jackie Kure who ran our finish line, to Dwayne Lalor who started all the races (and Joe Gorseline his marshall), and last but not least all our students from our phys ed 20 and 30 classes and our sports med classes who helped run the meet.