Raider's Senior Girls Soccer Team - 2016 CASAA Championship

The Lindsay Thurber Senior Girls Soccer team are the 2016 CASAA Zone Champions! This is the teams second consecutive championship as they once again beat the Cougars from Notre Dame.

Semi-final had the girls play the #4 seed HJ Cody (Sylvan Lake). The Raiders easily controlled the tempo of the game and handed the Lakers a 14-1 loss. Kiera Fujimoto had six goals, Lizzy Morneault followed with five, Khloe Labrador had two and Emma Holmes with one. 
The final had the Raiders match up once again with Notre Dame. In her final game as a Raider, Kiera Fujimoto (eventual tournament MVP) led the way with four goals followed by Shae Demale with two. Final score was 6-2.
This has been one of the most dominant teams that Thurber has ever produced. To put this into perspective, here are some quick stats.........
Shae Demale had 34 goals in 9 games. Kiera Fujimoto had 20 goals in 6 games. Khloe Labrador had 11 in 10 games.
Lindsay Thurber had a total of 98 goals in the 10 games that they played in this season. Their next closest opponent (Notre Dame) had a total of 36. This includes all 8 league games and the two games from today's championship. 
Lindsay Thurber Senior Girls Soccer have gone undefeated the last two years. Their record in that time is 17-0. Kiera Fujimoto, Lizzy Morneault and Teagan Shapka have been playing for this team for the last 4 years. In that time, the trio have two silver medals and two gold medals as they led this team every year into the championship final.
Very proud of what the girls accomplished this year. Great season Raiders!