Raiders Triathlon Students Conquer Woody's 2016 Event

Raiders Triathlon Students Conquer Woody's 2016 Event
100% of the Lindsay Thurber students who took Triathlon 25 and Triathlon 35 were successful in completing the Woody's Junior Sprint Triathlon on Sunday. The goal of the triathlon course is set on day one, "to complete a Spring Triathlon by the end of the semester," and all the students were able to swim 750m, bike 20km and run 5km on a very challenging course set up. In fact, the class went well above the expectations as they were also able to win the "Fastest School" friendly competition that they have established with Hunting Hills over the past two years.
Additionally, Madalyn Smith won the bronze medal in a Junior Sprint category that became a very competitive division, when a number of Team Alberta athletes joined the field. Top 10 finishes were also achieved by Andrew Armstrong, Kurtis Willoughby and James Cowley in the boys division, as well as Jade Weber and Tanis Wiancko in the girls division.
All in all, the Woody's Triathlon was a wonderful experience for the students as they also contributed to the success of the Woody's Kids of Steel Triathlon event by volunteering for the Kids of Steel Training sessions, from April to June, the race setup, and by helping out at the Woody's Kids of Steel event on Sunday, as well.
Committing to 7 a.m. training for five months allowed each of the students to fully embrace a health and fitness lifestyle that they feel will benefit them for years to come. Congrats to the Thurber Raiders Triathlon team!
The class results are here, below:
Time Name                           Place/Gender
1:18:33 SMITH, Madalyn 3/16
1:20:26 ARMSTRONG, Andrew 5/23
1:23:08 WILLOUGHBY, Kurtis  9/23
1:23:23 COWLEY, James 10/23
1:24:18 VRIEND, Izaak 11/23
1:25:50 SVEINSON, Erik 13/23
1:33:02 WEBER, Jade   9/16
1:36:18 WIANCKO, Tanis 10/16
1:36:43 SHAPKA, Teagan 11/16
1:37:00 CHIDLEY, Troy 19/23
1:47:56 DENTY, Liam          22/23