It All Comes Back to Balance

Lindsay Thurber High School Valedictorian Excited To Deliver Inspiring Speech

By: Lexi Wright

Equality, outstanding, and appreciation. That’s how Eric Schultz, valedictorian of Lindsay Thurber High, would describe his school.

Schultz was nominated for valedictorian based on his incredible academic achievement and although the opportunity was nerve wracking for him, Schultz has never been more excited.

“It’s a real honor. Honestly, I was surprised. I knew I did well [in school] but I didn’t know I would become valedictorian. I’m really honored to be able to deliver my speech tomorrow”.

Apart from his academics, Eric Schultz enjoys spending time with his friends and getting outdoors and in the sun as much as possible.

Lindsay Thurber’s graduation ceremony is taking place on Friday, May 26th. Schultz says he has been working on his valedictorian speech since mid-April, and hopes to inspire other graduates with their future endeavors.

“The main theme of my speech is balance. I'm hoping to portray the message that balance is important in life because you can't always achieve what you want, but you should always seek out the opportunity anyways and do what you need to get there”, says Schultz.

As member of the graduation committee and with interests in music, sports, and outdoor activity, there is no doubt that Schultz has an engaging student life, yet one of his biggest motivations has been his family.

“My uncle in particular always strives to make sure that we, as a family, try to live a balanced lifestyle and enjoy some parts but always remember to work hard”.

Excelling academically, Schultz is passionate about math and science but he also enjoys playing volleyball and handball. In fact, one of his most memorable high school moments was during a volleyball game.

“It was the final point of the game; we would either win or lose. I went to serve and instead of hitting the ball over the net, I went too high, so high that I went straight up and hit the ceiling and then [the ball] came back down and hit me on the head, in front of hundreds of parents and students. It became a moment my friends would never let me forget”.

It is evident through Schultz’s warm personality and positive attitude that he is well-deserving of being valedictorian; his teachers and staff would also agree.

“Eric is a wonderful representative of what Lindsay Thurber is all about. He works hard, he’s engaged in the school community, he’s volunteering for the grad committee, he’s friendly, his academic performance is outstanding. The school is extremely proud of him”, says Brian Plastow, Vice Principal of Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School.

After graduation, Schultz will be going to Red Deer College for his Bachelor's of Science pre-med with hopes of attending medical school in the future.

Schultz says 2017 has been a big year of appreciating teachers, staff, and students and is very hopeful that graduation remains one of Lindsay Thurber’s most unforgettable moments.

“I'm not very emoji savvy but if I had to pick an emoji to describe my high school experience, I would pick the little running man. As students, we're always so busy but we're also running around to have fun and graduation is definitely going to be fun. It all comes back to balance”.